Jesus Builds.


“O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our

Potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.”

Isaiah 64:8



The carpenter is the potter, get it? Are you feeling like God is

shaping you into something, and the process is getting on your

nerves? This may sound funny, but it is absolutely the truth.

We must be very patient, with the potter.


Sometimes I feel like I am going to boil over, and let him have it.

I can only take so much of him, for a certain period of time. He is

always pushing us; toward completion. He is very focused on his

goal, and the finish line.


We get tired on the way, and sometimes cranky and crabby, but

he acts like he doesn’t notice, and keeps prompting us to;

finish the work.


There is no telling where I would be in life today, if God was not

directing the path, and sometime to my wrestling with him. But after

the project is complete, you can stand back and look at the beauty

of the work; that he helped you create.


He always has a big smile on his face, regardless of the possible

frown on ours. It reminds me of when I would teach my children, when

they were little. I wanted so much for them to make it, and make it big.


This is God.

He loves; your success.

So, let go of the steering wheel and let him guide you into;

great achievement.

This is the desire of his heart.


Enjoy Your Journey

Ann Elizabeth

RealOron Founder & President

Reference: The Holy Bible (King James Version)

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