No Respecter.


“There is no respect of persons with God.

Romans 2:11



Respect of persons refers to partiality and favoritism.

The scripture is stating that God favors no man, woman or child

but judges each in righteousness.

God looks at the heart, then God adds wisdom to the individual,

and then God judges the activities of the person after; the receipt

of knowledge.


We all begin on the same floor so to speak.

We were all born in sin, and have the need to repent and be reconciled

to God through the blood and body of the Passover Lamb; which is

Jesus Christ.


We then must bathe daily in the Word of God; which is the Bible.

This action cleanses our minds, and transforms our lives.

This process is beautiful.

It takes us from broken, crazy, tormented and miserable, lost people

into the life more abundantly zone.

It is like diving into a beautiful blue swimming pool.


This life more abundantly zone, is only for those who are in the family

of God.

The benefits are enormous, and the life is one of peace, love, hope, joy

and purpose.

Why not depart misery today, and ask the Lord to forgive your sins, and

let him know you desire to be his child, and enter into his everlasting arms

of love.

He is waiting to hear from you – just speak.


Enjoy Your Journey

Ann Elizabeth

RealOron Founder & President

Reference: The Holy Bible (King James Version)

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