No Idols.


“I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images,

And cast your carcases; upon the carcases of your idols,

And my soul shall abhor you.”

Leviticus 26:30



We always hear about the love of God, don’t we? We hear of his

mercy, long suffering and ongoing patience, don’t we?


For all of the people who have not read through the entire Bible, I

highly suggest you begin that task today. Do not delay, do not put

it off; if eternal life is your desire.


I will never forget sitting on a bench in Hell, surrounded by demons

and the sin I lived in. It was my fault alone; that I ended up there.

I deserved Hell; for I was a sinner. I may not have realized the full

story of God; but the Bible does not pardon anyone for not knowing

 “the full story.” God has factually stated that the human race is

without excuse.


I could have tried making excuses, on that hard wooden bench in

the waiting room; outside of Hell that day. But I knew it would be

to no avail, as my life flashed before my eyes. As I sat there, I

wished I could have had a second chance on earth, to do it right;

to come clean, live clean and most importantly – stay clean.


Does this mean I never sin? Let me put it this way. I know better

than to cross the forbidden line, into the arms and talons of the

devil. I do not want any part of the evil kingdom, or its rewards in

eternal fire. Heaven looked way to appealing to lose it; by not

living in the straight and narrow life; Christ commands, and expects

out of his sheep; much less the Shepherds– who are placed for

the safety, growth and development of the sheep.


Let us not store up for ourselves God’s destruction, but stockpile

treasures in Heaven for ourselves; by being the kind of kids God

wants – obedient, repentant, everlasting and faithful.


If this has not been you, begin today my friend. It is the only wise



Enjoy Your Journey

Ann Elizabeth

RealOron Founder & President

Reference: The Holy Bible (King James Version)

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