“To obey is better than sacrifice.”

1 Samuel 15:22



Convenient Christianity sets itself up against true Christianity.

Many in our society today feel that being inconvenienced, or

pained is just not God.

We are told to “do what you love.”

This is in contradiction to the word of Christ.

Christ tells us if any man come after him he must; deny himself,

pick up his cross daily, and follow him.

Does this sound convenient?

What if Christ appeared and asked you to leave all you had for his

names sake, and the Gospel’s?

Would that be a convenience to you or would that begin a soft boil of rage;

down deep within your being?

Well Christ appeared to Peter, and asked him to leave it all.

The fact is that Christ still appears to people today, and asks them to leave

all, for his names sake and the Gospels.


I remember when this happened to me.

It was just another usual day, and then all of a sudden there was Christ,

asking me to “die” for him.

What he was saying is for me to die to the life I had, and to deny myself,

pick up my cross and follow the road he had for me, fulfilling the needs and

purposes of God; for a lost and dying world.


Life with Christ is one of both work and reward.

But, we do not call the shots and do what we want to do.

Christ is the one who gives the work sheet, and we are the ones who do the work;

with his assistance.


Let us not mistake carnal convenient Christianity, for the true and pure


There will always be a death to our flesh; when Christ is involved.

Christ adds joy and variety; but Christ is the boss and wants results from us;

his way.


Exchange all convenient Christianity today, and ask Christ to place you within

his Kingdom; to serve him where you are needed.


Enjoy Your Journey

Ann Elizabeth

RealOron Founder & President

Reference: The Holy Bible (King James Version)

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