“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together”

Hebrews 10:25



It amazes me how many Christians I know, that do not attend Church.

Do you realize that God commands this of us?

You might ask then;

“Why don’t some Christians go to Church?”

The answer is plainly; disobedience.

These people feel that they are exempt, from the laws and commands

of God.

They have set themselves up above the Word of God, which makes them



The Bible is very clear about idolatry.

No one that practices and continues in idolatry, will ever be welcomed into;

"The Fathers House", which is Heaven.

That is pretty scary given the alternative, wouldn’t you agree?

So let us begin to use wisdom, and obey God by going to Church.


Enjoy Your Journey

Ann Elizabeth

RealOron Founder & President

Reference: The Holy Bible (King James Version)

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