1.  God’s Love, Authority and Government has been hammered above all his creation. 

This consists of everything that is.

(Genesis 1:1)


2.  Underneath God’s Love, Authority and Government is - The Father’s House.

(John 14:2)


3.  Underneath The Father’s House is creations response to this fact. Our individual

response to God, will determine our individual result from God.

(Galatians 6:7 - We reap what we sow.)


4.  Underneath creations response are the attributes of the God head

(Father, Son & Holy Ghost), which are - Love, Grace and Truth.

( 1 John 4:8 / John 1:14)

You cannot divide God and take away any of these three character traits. For then

you would have a False Gospel – that would harm mankind, instead of healing it.


5.   Heaven is placed underneath God’s attributes.

(Genesis 1:1)


6.  The first arrow under Heaven represents satan and the fallen angels, they sinned

against God’s Love, Authority and Government.

Rebellion was their response to God, therefore they were cast out of Heaven – by God.

(Ezekiel 28 / Revelation 12:9) satan wanted to be God – instead of serving

and loving, the one who alone is God.

The angels that followed satan in his rebellion, were created - to be submissive, loving

angels, in God’s family - but this didn’t work out for them and they are, Forever Dammed.

(Revelation 20:10)


7.  The second arrow under Heaven, represents Adam & Eve being escorted out of


(Genesis 3:23-24)

Adam & Eve were created by God, to love him and to live with him in Paradise.

They were given everything, along with God’s Love, Authority, Government and


They were commanded not to partake of a certain tree, or they would die as a


They were tempted of the devil, for God wanted them to obey him and to resist

the devil – but they did not – they sinned and death (satan) entered into their


God did what he promised them, which was the removal of them – out of Heaven.

(Genesis 1:26Genesis 3:24)

Sin is not welcome in Heaven, in The Fathers House and never will be.


8.  You will then see the earth listed and underneath that – The High Places.

(Ephesians 6:10-18)

This is the location where satan rules the dark places of sin, that dwell over and

in - The earth.

He and his devils (the sinful angels) live within the invisible atmosphere -

On earth.

(Colossians 1:16)

They are normally hidden from mankind.

This is the reason why pain and evil, have always been here upon - The earth.

(1 Peter 5:8)

Some of the devils were cast to Hell, by God.

(2 Peter 2:4)


9.  Now look over to the right of the Cross. This represents the world, where

satan is - the god of this world.

(2 Corinthians 4:3-4)

We were all born in this location, without exception.

We were all born with corrupt seed within us. This is life.

(Romans 5:12)

All people in this section are apart from God (1 John 5:19) and are headed

south, into the eternal location, that is underneath the earth – called Hell and

then onto - The Lake of Eternal Fire.

(Romans 6:23)

This is the fate and destiny of the devil and all the sinful angels.

(Revelation 20:10)

Also, all the people who refuse to allow Christ to wash away their sins and begin their

new life with him, within the Kingdom of God,

which is to the left of the Cross, end up in Hell and then onto the Lake of Eternal Fire;

 Forever dammed.

(John 3:18)

God desires for no one to perish in Hell.

 (John 3:16)

This is an individual choice - made by each and every single one of us, without


(Joshua 24:15)


10. You will notice that love is marked upon the Cross, where Christ died and rose

again – for our life to be taken from satan and placed within God.

(Acts 26:16-18)

I hope you have made - The Exit - from The Kingdom of satan into The Kingdom of

God – through the Cross of Jesus Christ.

This is the only exit out of Hell and The Eternal Lake of Fire.

(Ephesians 2:8-9)


11. You will notice in the Kingdom of God, that you now belong to God and you have

been placed into Life, Love, Family and Covenant with him.

(1 Corinthians 6:19-20)


12. When you leave this earth, after living with Christ (John 14:23) - within the

Kingdom of God - you will then be welcomed into Heaven, The Fathers House.

The beautiful place that God has prepared for the ones who walk with him;

 with respect to his person, his laws and his commandments, unto the end - of

their lives here, on this earth.

(Matthew 24:13)


13. Lastly, you will notice an arrow at the bottom of The Kingdom of God;

with (Matthew 24:13, Jude 1:5 and Revelation 2:11) underneath.

This is God’s warning for us, not to depart him and the life.

If we do not continue in the Lord and overcome the devil, we will forfeit our

eternal soul.


14. The journey with Christ consists of;

Knowing the truth.

Understanding the truth.

Repenting of sin.


Baptism (Death, Burial, & Resurrection).

New owner.

New book.

New ways.

New life.

New creation.

New roommates – (John 14:23).

Obeying God.

Working out our salvation.

Exercising Godliness.

Being gutted.



Equipped (John 1:12).
































Inheriting The Promised Land.

Remaining in The Promised Land.

Ruling and reigning with and in Christ.

Departing to Heaven, to Our Father’s House - to rule & to reign with Christ forever.

The ages to come.




Enjoy Your Journey

Ann Elizabeth

RealOron Founder & President

Reference: The Holy Bible (King James Version)

© RealOron International Ministries, Inc. ® - All Rights Reserved.






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