What if?

You were in a fire burning to death.

Would you desire to be rescued out of it, or would you prefer to remain in it?


This is what is happening in your world, this is what is happening in my world.

Every one of us were born – not only with skin on our bodies, but also with a “Nature.”

The nature of sin, and the nature to sin.


We have all sinned, this is certain.

Some of us have even gone on to other sins; murder, theft, gossip, bad temper, backbiting,

drugs, alcohol, adultery, smoking, sexual immorality, witchcraft.

Whatever the case might be, we have all sinned; no matter what age we are.


Have you ever wondered, where this sin nature came from?  

It came straight from the devil; the author and creator of all sin.

Sin is the exact opposite nature of God; which is pure, holy, undefiled and good.


The reward that God gives to every person that sins, no matter what the sin is; is death.

Death meaning a life - after you leave this earth - in Hell, in the Lake of Fire;

Suffering nonstop, inside this location forever; with the devil and all of the rebellious

sinful angels; along with a huge amount of people - who refused to change and bend their will;

to the obedience and direction of the Creator, as found in the written word of God;

The Holy Bible.


God wanted to change the destiny, of the entire human race.

So he made a way for sinners, to be rescued and saved out of this reality; of eternal damnation.

God sent his one and only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to earth.

God placed Jesus inside a body with flesh and blood - just like ours.

Jesus Christ took the punishment that we deserve on himself, on the Cross of Calvary;

for all that will believe in Him.


God longs for you to come to him, and speak with him - from your heart.

Ask Jesus to come into your life, and wash your sins away and write your name in his book named;

The Book of Life.

He wants you to be his child, with his nature that he alone can change - by His Precious Holy Spirit;

working within you hourly and by you reading his Bible daily, exchanging the lies of the devil and

the opinions of men, for the truth being spoken to you; by the Creator of us all - Almighty God.


I hope you will whisper a prayer today to Him, for it is His greatest desire on earth, for you to be his

child now and forevermore.

Please pick up a King James Bible and use it as your manual  - on how to live while you are here;

upon this earth.

Go to a Bible believing church and fellowship with other Christians, who are  on;

The Covenant Journey.

Steer clear of opinions and actions in any form from anyone, that are opposite and contrary;

to what God states for us; in the Bible.

Please enjoy your new relationship with your creator.