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Ann Elizabeth is the Founder & President of RealOron International Ministries, Inc.® 





RealOron International Ministries, Inc.® 

501 (c) (3) Non Profit Evangelism | Discipleship Ministry

 Reaching the Nations with Christ.

RealOron exisits to destroy spiritual lack of knowledge - globally.


RealOron was birthed from Ann's encounter with the Lord

in the year 2001, where she witnessed God's amazing love, kindness and

incredible - integrous covenant, which he has with all humanity; as well as

observing the enemy and despiser of every living soul - that being satan himself.


The Lord appeared to heal Ann of Biblical lack of knowledge, along with

a physical healing of her cranium and skeletal system, from a

domestic violence assault.


Ann was taken into both Heaven and Hell,

where she was loved and warned as a Christian;

to leave her life of sin, or eternal punishment would be

her destiny in the eternal Lake of Fire - to God's sorrow.


Ann received God's love and heeded God's warning, and has permanently departed

 the "Babylonian Christian Life" of the disobedient,

complacent and eternally regretful.


Enjoy Ann's three testimonial books; "Real God", "Boots & Lipstick" & "The Road Up";

along with her 73 other books to edify all people; as well

as her Blog, Bible Study's, Evangelism Tools, Audio & Media Presentations;

as found on RealOron.


Ann desires that all mankind receive God's love and leadership,

and repent with the amending of their ways;

in order to rise in life into their Kingdom position and assignment,

and then into eternal Glory with great reward.


Ann is a dynamic preacher, author,

evangelist and teacher of the Word of God.


Ann desires to connect the Body of Christ in order to solidify all humanity,

with the fullness of Jesus Christ.


Please be advised to know scripture in order to eliminate any doctrinal error,

within the various ministers and servants of the Lord,

as found on RealOron.


All of God's servants are going into the fullness of Christ,

and are on a continual journey into increased knowledge, character and maturity.


May your life be eternally enriched and blessed in Christ.